Blaise Loves Tides

Added 18th December 2015

Blaise Primary School pupils became Hydro-poets when they took a December ride on the tides from the calm of floating harbour down to a turbulent turn around at Avonmouth. Blaise Primary is subscribed to the Bristol Loves Tides and this boat trip formed part of the experience that builds on curriculum work related to the history and heritage of Bristolís harbour, the water cycle, harnessing waterís energy and considering the future of Bristolís tides. James, pilot on the Bageera provided an inspiring commentary taking the children through Bristol's development as a port.

Volunteers with backgrounds in coastal engineering, english literature and law were able to support the childrenís understanding of the environment and worked with them to develop their hydropoetic responses. Eddie talked to the pupils about his experiences making sure that railway lines that run close to water stay safe and was able to illustrate what he meant by looking at the railway line that runs along the Portway. Saskia and Shai Qi helped the children develop their poetic skills and were impressed by their careful observations.






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