Bristol Technology Engineering Academy - Aviation Days

Added 22nd December 2015

Aviation Days at BTEA are sponsored by 


with volunteers from 


Cardboard technologies supplied by



Year 11 Aviation Day

1. Meet the mentors - Students work 1:6 with an aviation engineer ambassador

2. 45 minutes to build and test an aircraft from card that flies straight, slow and level for at least 25 metres

3. Decide on the challenge for the team - Speed, Altitude, Heavy Lift or Innovation

4. Vision an Aircraft that could win the challenge 

5. Turn sketched ideas of the vision into scale plans 

6.Build air frame

7. Equip with flight unit 

8. Balance and trim 

9. Present vision, plans and aircraft

10. Test fly - trim and test fly again

11. If good enough enter into formation flight with similar contestant 





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