Vertikal Days 2018

Added 30th May 2018

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Students from Lees Brook Community School and Chellaston Academy learnt just how important the application of algebra can be as they undertook a new challenge of operating a 40 tonne crane, part of the Liebherr-funded ‘Lifting Aspirations’ workshops at Vertikal days 2018. Donington Park was this year’s venue and My Future My Choice delivered the engineering-based activities to teams of six Year 10 students, with each team supported by Liebherr apprentices.

Using practical, interactive demonstrations the students discovered how levers, hydraulics, pneumatics and pulley systems worked and are used across many different sectors of the construction industry.

They used reverse engineering to build their own cardboard version of a lifting devise and quickly revealed their skills as team players as they produced some of the quickest times ever recorded at the ‘crane off’.

One of the toughest challenges of the day was to complete the Vertikal Days site quiz which meant using all their observation skills as they went around the vast show, along with a good deal of charm to weedle the answers from the experts.


Presentation skills had to be honed when all teams had to demonstrate how well they had worked together and share their suggestions for the future of the Lifting and Access industry. Awards for ‘best engineers’, ‘smartest quiz responses’ and ‘the most informative presentations’ were given before the students left the site.


For 15 year olds this was a fantastic opportunity to chat and understand firsthand the work and lifestyle of the Liebherr Apprentice Engineers.

For some it was a chance to get an insight into the application process



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