Two Extra-Curricular Activities to Prepare for the Future

Added 3rd October 2018

Two Extra-Curricular Activities to Prepare for the Future

To truly rise above those who you will be competing against to land your first job, you need to be taking part in a number of extra-curricular actives during your years of school education. When you do, you will obtain the different types of skills that employers look for, and you will prove to them that you are willing to go the extra mile to attract their attention. There are a variety of skills and activities you could choose to focus on, but to narrow your search down, below are two specific extra-curricular activities you should be taking part in during your attempt to prepare for your future. By doing so, you will make yourself highly employable and a vital member of any business.

Learn a New Language

Regardless of what you think your chosen career path has in store for you, it never hurts to learn a new language while you have the time and opportunity to do so. Becoming bilingual doesn’t just help you prosper in jobs that are necessarily location-dependant, either. Today, more and more businesses are expanding internationally, which means they are looking to hire employees who will be capable of acting as a translator when their expansion takes place. By taking Mandarin lessons in London, for instance, you could find yourself working for an English speaking company, and one day becoming their Chinese ambassador. The recognition you would get from doing so would set you up for untold amounts of success going forward into your professional future. Plus, the extra pay you’d be in line to receive would likely offer you incredible financial stability.

Join Any & All Societies Linked to Dream Career Path

If you have the luxury of knowing which specific direction you want to take your career in, then you should involve yourself in anything offered by your educational institution that links to it. Whether it’s exciting events, societies or communities; by having an array of extra-curricular experiences and references to take into the world of work with you, you will put yourself ahead in the employment race. First and foremost, you will do so because you will instantly show your future employees that you are someone that has a range of knowledge in your field, and not just the standard pieces of it that are taught in education. As well as that, you’ll show yourself to be capable of committing to a number of different things at the same time, and, also, when you come to having job interviews, you’ll be able to fill those awkward silences talking about all the exciting extra-curricular activities that you did without going off subject.

If you want to win in the race for employability when you leave education, then you need to be doing something to make yourself stand out. Today, this means doing more than getting your qualifications, and it even means doing more than getting a bit of experience in the industry you've chosen to try and forge a career in. It means giving the extra-curricular activities found above a real go.


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