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Added 7th April 2020

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We have adapted what would normally be a theatre activity that visits schools into an online resource for home learners and schools.


What would happen if the tides came to life and visited Bristol to find out what we know and value about them...

  • How would they feel about how we value them in the city's history?
  • What would they feel about how rivers and tides are reflected in art, music and poetry?
  • What about the way we sit in the water cycle and use water?
  • How do they react to our quest for tidal energy?
  • What of our concerns for the biodiversity in the tidal and watery landscapes of our city?
  • How do they respond to our views about the future with rising sea levels and desires for green energy?

The project mixes myth, fantasy and reality using adventure films and documentaries made by young reporters to create a compelling learning adventure.

Ypu can access the project here ... its free 

Bristol Loves Tides

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