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Added 29th September 2022

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Rough-cut films from Creative-Conex team documenting the Crossing Coasts launch event with community, schools and businesses to explore a resource that will celebrate the generations of the Caribbean Transnational Communities and support victims of the Windrush Scandal.


The ship creating the film-set for a Caribbean Port as migrants prepare to travel to the UK


Consulation onboard the ship about the ways in which the project can achieve the dual aims of celebration and support for victims of the Windruuh Scandal 

Mock up of the proposed card game that will explore 52 real peopl across four generations of the Caribean Transnational Community in the UK

 New cards based on the suggestions from the consulation are created

Explorations with children on the ship. Finding out how they respond to the card resources and the history of Caribbean Migrants

Crossing Coasts project is running a follow up session on 9th November 4:30 - 7:30- Onboard the Balmoral - Details of our moorings will follow- we are currently M Shed / Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RN

This session will focus on how we reach and support victims of the Windrush Scandal as well as start the distribution of the card packs to schools and sets of individual cards to participating businesses. 

If you want to join to support the project please contact us (Contact details below)

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