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Added 24th February 2023

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Aim: ‘Catch the train to my future’ schools will enhance their curriculum by providing young people with safe travel by rail, ferryboat, and foot to explore local heritage, culture and economy as well as connecting them with possible future opportunities in life by working with people from the world of work.

MyFutureMyChoice took a group of teachers, from reception all the way through to Post 16, out to explore how they might use the rail network and waterways as learning opportunities. Stopping in Bath for a visit to BMT (Naval Architects). The teachers heard from Platform, a rail education scheme that works with schools to empower young people in accessing the railways; Maritime Futures, where national curriculum content is taught through a maritime lens; and My Future My Choice.

Teachers discussed what their next steps might be:

  • Bring primary students to the harbourside through history and geography education.
  • Use the free rail travel as a means of building confidence and as a mental health tool for students.
  • Get students working alongside volunteers on the Balmoral ship.
  • Discuss getting post 16 students on ‘explore my future’ into different industry sectors.

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