World of Work Talk at City of Bristol College

Added 17th March 2023

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This morning’s World of Work talk at Bristol City College was with Dr Rachel Harland, who is the Medical Director and a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital in Bristol, she was interviewed by Rachael Ndungu. Speaking with Rachael before the interview, she told me she was finishing her Heath and Social Care course in June and aimed to one day become a mental health nurse.

Dr Rachel Harland spoke about being told she would never be ‘clever enough’ to be a Doctor and how that motivated her to ‘believe in herself’ and work even harder to prove people wrong. She spoke of the different routes into health and social care and the benefits of starting your career in the private health care sector. She said she knows in the first few seconds of an interview whether someone is meant for a role in health care; if they have the enthusiasm and passion for caring for others.

Rachael did a brilliant interview and was quick to put her hand up and ask how she could get into a placement or apprenticeship at the Priory. It is great to see how the World of Work talks can link students with leaders in their aspiring careers and help them make the steps towards where they want to be.   

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