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Added 19th September 2011

1. How does a yacht  go faster the wind? - Design, build and race boats on your school hall or gymnasium floor

Inspiration comes from the world record  for wind powered craft at 50 knots (57.6 mph) in 25 knots of wind

... and Greenbird a  land based yacht -  See this link to Greenbird

The designers of the world record were inspired by the South Sea Island proa.


We pose the question to students how can you go faster than the wind with only the wind as your power source

We recruit volunteers from business - usually engineers,  to work with small teams of students 

This is a day event for for 60 students (12 teams of 5 ) - Morning design and build - Afternoon time trails,  modifications  and a race to find the winning team.

Team work -

MFMC equips students with a clear process for running effective team meetings This enables all students to inform the design process, create an action plan with roles and responsibilities and methods of reviewing progress against the deadlines

The race itself involves all team members working together to manage their proa which has to tack the course. Team members are stationed to make speedy re-rigs mimicing the technology used on the South Sea Island Proa.

MFMC supplies a consistent wind, race track and materials for a flat indoor space in your school. This wind speed and the is the same for all schools so that schools canregister results on the racing proa leader board.

Contact us if you want to trail this activity in your school


2. Queen's Diamond Jubilee Boat Procession 2012

Inspired by boat processions from around the world and the planned sailing of 1000 processional boats in the Thames to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

We plan an on-line  parade of decorated boats with stories from their makers and a real procession of model at the Bristol Harbour Festival in 2012










We will be running workshops and providing the basic boat kits for building and decorating a processional boat

Starting with the Avon Scouts in October 2011 sponsored by Rolls-Royce

If you want to join in please contact us...  we have some free boat kits for trail schools and youth groups




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