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INGENIOUS is a project for Engineers wanting to support young people and schools.

INGENIOUS is a project for schools and colleges wanting to work with engineers.


A great  response from the Engineering Sector in Bristol. We now have 20 Volunteer Engineering  Ambassador. We can take more

Engineers - More information and how to register

Schools and Teacher - More Information and how to register

To sign up or apply for a schools place contact- 

The first core team meeting for schools and industry volunteers is on Monday 5th March 2.15 to 5.45 at
M Shed Museum

More news for volunteers and teachers click here


Volunteers signed up as M Shed Engineering Ambassadors  - 

Richard Kan - EDF Energy (Electricity and gas supplier)

Andrew Bacon -SEA (Systems engineering and design solutions - including deep space missions)

Staffano Matussi  - SEA (Systems engineering and design solutions - including deep space missions)

Ray Bassett -EMCOR - (Environmental engineering services)

David Oyns - Arkwright Scholarship (Opportunities and scholarships for young people)

Michele Cole - Midas Construction (Building construction)

Esme Loweth - Airbus (Aviation)

Anoop Kundi  - Airbus (Aviation)

Jerry Henry - Airbus (Aviation)

Sean Connolly + A.N Other - Rolls-Royce (Aviation - engines )

Philip Rowles - Claverham (Aviation)

Bernard North - Claverham (Aviation)

Emma Chrichton - Robogals -University of Bristol ( Student engineer)

Aysha Zahir- Robogals -University of Bristol ( Student engineer)

Lorna Lewis- BAM (Construction)

Fabrice Lim Kong- Clarkebond (Chartered Structural Engineer and member of the Institution of Structural Engineers)

The Institution of Structural Engineers - (The Institution will contribute resources /activities to the project)

Shen Yan Liow - University of the West of England (Post Graduate Student Science Communicator)

Anna Cuanalo - University of Bristol (Engineering Student and member of Engineers Without Borders)

Engineers Without Borders - A university society of engineers willing to support and volungteer

Tom Gardner-   University of Bristol (Civil Engineering Student)

Hamish Pollock Fraser - University of Bristol (Civil Engineering Student)

Danya Walker - James Dyson Foundation (Design Engineering)

Bristol Ferry Boat Company (Access to real boats and the water as part of study tours at M Shed)

Name to follow - Bailey Caravans (Design and Manufacturing)

Colin Dalton - University of Bristol (Computer Science)

Russ Haines - Toshiba (Electronic Technology)

Felipe Ramos - Toshiba (Electronic Technology)

Sarwat Baig - HP Labs  (Information Technology and Chemical Engineering)

Fabia Pennigton - AECOM (Engineering Sustainable Buildings)

Helen Featherstone- UWE (Continuous Loop Project)


Schools- applications are coming in from

Key Stage Two 

Key stage Three

Key Stage Four 

Post 16 

We can accept more - keep them coming


Good news for volunteers and teachers - the Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives will be inviting you to forthcoming exhibition openings. The next opening is of the Leonardo Drawings at The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery on Friday 30th March. Invites will follow- put the date in your diary its a great way to start a weekend  For more information


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